Seeds for success

Money doesn’t grow on trees but growing your business is a lot like planting seeds and nurturing yours plants. At Kingston Burrowes, our commitment to understanding our clients business, alongside our experience in business planning gives us exactly the right qualities to help. We offer business planning and coaching support so get in touch for more information. Let us help you to grow your garden.


No matter how good your business idea is, you will need a robust plan with sound financial information and a strategy to turn it into reality. A seed needs fertile soil to grow just like most start-ups need funding. Preparing a business plan allows you to see if the idea can be profitable and allows a lender to understand your objectives.


Just like plants, businesses need sunlight of sorts. Too many competitors in your sector cast shadows, reducing the proverbial sunlight you need to thrive. Therefore when choosing a location or target market, make sure you have a clear understanding of the competitive market and where the sunlight is.


In the natural world, water is essential for life and growth. For businesses, cash flow is essential for life and growth. Too often, businesses fail because they don’t have the cash flow to continue to trade or grow. A plant with no water dies very quickly, even if a monsoon is just around the corner.


Your garden, or business needs constant attention but you can’t do al of it, all of the time. Your team should be considered the gardeners tending to the plants of your growing business. With the right team tending the garden, you can be assured that your plants will grow.

Harvest the rewards

A thriving garden will bring happiness to those who made it grow (you and your employees), bear fruit (profitability) and sustainable growth (repeat customers). Don’t forget to continue to nurture your customer relationship. Your current customers ‘seed’ new prospects for your business by recommending your company.

More 'gardening' advice

Kingston Burrowes are not just interested in spreadsheets and tax returns. We are passionate about helping businesses succeed, so if you would like help to grow your business, contact our team of ‘gardeners’ now on
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What we’ll do for you

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