Accountants for Contractors and Freelancers

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The Kingston Burrowes team has years of experience supporting all sorts of businesses that operate on a freelance or contract basis. Our accounting service for contractors helps:

  • IT Contractors
  • Construction Contractors
  • Small Electrical Contractors
  • Media Contractors
  • Independent Contractors
  • Healthcare Professionals
  • Independent Freelancers

Regardless of whether you are just starting out on your own or whether your contracting business is well established, we are committed to helping you on your journey to ensure you achieve the success you’re aiming for.

We understand that life as a contractor or freelancer can be unpredictable, but we are familiar with the challenges you may face and more importantly the solutions needed to resolve them with minimal disruption to your day-to-day business delivery.

    accounting services for contractors & freelancers

    Kingston Burrowes offers a range of tax and accounting services for self-employed freelancers and contractors and is familiar with a wide range of industries. 

    Perhaps you are considering incorporating your own company? Or do you need IR35 advice to ensure you remain compliant?

    Whatever your accounting requirements, we have services to help you, including:

    Should I use an online accountant or a contractors accountant near me?

    There are numerous options when it comes to managing your accounts, and the choice can be overwhelming. You will likely encounter many online accountants for contractors and freelancers, offering fixed-fee or subscription-based packages. These can be a great option if you have a simple business model and income and require limited support or guidance when it comes to your accounts.

    However, if your business operations are more unpredictable or you need advice on your business structure, tax efficiencies or perhaps IR35 compliance, then a local accountant will ensure that you receive the support you need. 

    In most cases, the use of good online accounting software in combination with support from a local accountant gives the best value. This approach allows you to maintain your own financial data and perform simpler accounting tasks in preparation for your accountant completing your tax return and adding value through their knowledge and expertise.

    Working with Kingston Burrowes, you will only ever pay for the support you need, which could be as simple as your annual tax-return in the early stages of business.

    IR35 & Tax Returns – you are in good hands

    If you are looking for a local tax accountant for freelancers, then you are more than likely looking for one who will take care of your annual tax return. Working with Kingston Burrowes, you can be assured that this essential task will be taken off your hands and completed as efficiently as possible to ensure your tax and accounting obligations are met and that any unwanted attention or fines from HMRC are avoided.

    In addition to your annual return, IR35 compliance now needs careful attention and may require the guidance and expertise of an experienced accountant. If you inadvertently fail to meet HMRC’s definition of ‘self-employed’, you could be faced with an investigation and financial penalties. A sound understanding of the complexities of IR35 legislation and issues surrounding the settlement rules is therefore required. Working with us, we will provide the guidance you need to ensure that you are working compliantly with HMRC rules and regulations, while optimising the income you receive.

    When you are working for yourself, time is precious and despite the importance of staying on top of your accounts, it isn’t the most cost-effective use of your time when you could be working for someone else and getting paid for it. By working with an accounting firm for contractors, you can prioritise spending your time more profitably, while having peace of mind that your tax and accounting obligations are in hand.

    To discuss your tax and accountancy requirements, please get in touch to find out how we can help.

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