Accountants for Limited Companies

Accounting services for limited companies

Whatever tax and accounting needs you have for your Limited Company, as an experienced accountant supporting local businesses for more than ten years, you can be sure that Kingston Burrowes has the services you require to support the success of your business.

Our experience, working with businesses across a range of industries, and of all shapes and sizes, ensures that we provide tax and accountancy support tailored to each individual business. 

Our tax and accountancy services for Limited Companies include:

What sort of accounts will I need to keep as a limited company?

As a director of a Limited Company, you have a number of responsibilities, one of which is the maintenance of company accounts and financial records.

You will need to keep receipts, invoices and bank statements relating to the company and its operations and you will need to use this financial information to show details of:

  • company income and spend
  • company owned assets
  • company debts (as well as debt owed to the company)
  • stock held by the company at the end of the financial year (and stocktaking’s used to calculate this figure)
  • goods bought and sold

With such complexity required for company accounts, many directors opt to appoint an accountant experienced in managing Limited company accounts.

Kingston Burrowes has worked with all sorts of Limited Companies from small operations with simple requirements to larger businesses with more complex accounting needs. Whatever stage your business is at, our friendly and experienced are here to support you.

Do I need an accountant for a Limited Company?

Keeping accounts for a Limited Company is just one benefit of appointing a qualified accountant. A knowledgeable and experienced accountant can also provide advice on specific business and financial matters such as corporate finance, cash flow forecasting or forensic accounting.

This expertise allows insight and advice based on years of experience working with businesses of all sizes and types.

From our offices in Surbiton and Cheam, the services we offer reach beyond everyday tasks such as tax returns and bookkeeping, to address more complex financial situations such as tax planning, acquisitions and even personal financial advice.

Whatever your tax and accountancy requirements, please get in touch to find out how we can help.

Accounting Packages for Every Size Business

At Kingston Burrowes we have provided accountancy support to small businesses in all sorts of industries, such retail, hospitality, manufacturing, leisure, engineering, construction and many more.

By working with us, your business will benefit not only from our extensive experience across these industries but also the tailored approach we take when providing your business with tax and accounting support.

.We understand the complexity and changing nature of a small business, and however minimal the support you require, we will accommodate those needs so that you only need to pay the services you require. 

Let us explore how we can support your business by getting in touch with our helpful and friendly team.

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