Tax investigations

HMRC Investigations & Insurance

If you are concerned about the possibility of an HMRC tax investigation or have been notified that you or your business are being investigated by HMRC, our team can help.

Tax audits and tax investigations can be complex and stressful. Unless you are very sure of your position, you should take professional advice as soon as a tax investigation or inspection starts to mitigate any additional tax due.

Many businesses will face a routine tax audit from time to time. More serious tax investigations are likely if HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) suspects your tax returns are inaccurate.

Tax Fee Protection

Even if you have done nothing wrong, if an investigation is launched, it is wise to get immediate professional advice and representation from your accountant. Such representation does incur fees and can be costly, especially if it takes some time to resolve and requires in depth records being prepared to support your case.

However, it is possible to get insurance to help cover the costs of fees incurred during an investigation. For your peace of mind, Kingston Burrowes offers all its clients the option to purchase our Tax Fee Protection Service, in partnership with PfP Online.

By subscribing to the tax investigation fee protection service our fees will be paid for if HMRC investigate you, and you’ll be reassured to know that you are dealing with a trusted and familiar face.

We believe that we know your business best and we want to be there for you when you need us most. Find out more or sign up for the Kingston Burrowes Tax Fee Protection Service.

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